How to Update a Prius GPS Navigation System

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How to Update a Prius GPS Navigation System

For some kinds of operating system, it need to be updated as the technology develops and things change everyday, like the car gps navigation system. If you have a Toyota Prius dvd player with gps navigation system, you will check out whether the system need to be updated every once in a while. If you do not know how to do this, you could refer this article. It could help you to decide update your system or not and how. The steps are very simple to learn. And the auto gps navigation of other car models are similar.

The Toyota Pruis gps navigation system works under the combination of car’s international gps signal and a region map information dvd. The gps could find out the coordinates of the car, while the map dvd associates them with the street, area and poin of interest information. The map navigation dvd could guide you the turn-by-turn driving directions. Since the road would be closed, co structured or changed in another street names, the map information dvd should be updated yearly or every once in a while to maintain maximum accuracy of the Pruis vehicle’s navigation system.

First you should determine you need to update the map dvd navigation system or not. Press the “info-phone” button located on the right side of the navigation screen. Click the” Map Data” icon in the “information” screen. Locate and note the map dvd version number currently being used by the navigation system. This number is displayed at the top of the “Map Data” screen. But you need to check in with your Toyota dealership to ask what changes or updates have been made to the map since the version of the navigation system dvd you have now. There may be not any big changes in big cities if you update your navigation system yearly. It is just an option to update the navigation dvd. And you could ignore this if you think it is unnecessary. Suppose you live in one city very long, you do not need the map any more. But for more other people it will better to update it in time.

Here are the steps. Push the “info-Phone” button on the right side of the navigation screen. Click the “Map Data” icon on the “information” screen. Touch the “Eject DVD” icon on the bottom left corner of the “ Map Data” screen. Wait for the screen automatically slides down and out, exposing both the cd and dvd slots. Push down and hold the “close” button on the upper left side of the navigation panel for five seconds, if the navigation dvd is not ejected. This will troubleshoot and eject both the dvd and cd driver. Take the ejected navigation dvd out, and insert the new one with the label side up. Press the “close” button on the upper left side of the navigation panel.

If you need more information of the gps navigation system or the unit, you could go to autodvdgps, which is a professional website of car dvd gps units.

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How to Update a Prius GPS Navigation System

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This article was published on 2011/10/08